Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make your own Cookie Cutter Tutorial

Make your own Cookie Cutter Tutorial

Hi! I've been obsessed with cookies and cookie decorating lately!! OMG So obsessed that I have bought sooooo many cutters that I cant even count them anymore. I go looking everywhere, ebay, internet, malls, even in the kids sections with the toys, its incredible mi twin daughters are always saying more cutter Oh Mami! But I just love it. I dont have much experience decorating them and they dont come out so great but I have tons of fun making them. But when I want one that I dont find, what I do is make it. These aren't the most perfect ones but they do work well. Soooo well, that for a graduation I needed one in particular for a school logo and couldn't find it sooo, I made it and made 350 cookies and Its still running well.

Recently I came across a post made by  Marian at sweetopia.net and she made a beautiful baby elephant cookie for a baby shower and I just fell in love with.  This picture belongs to her.

Sooo, I decided to make the cutter myself because I couldn't find it. And here it is:

Ok to get it done we need various materials and they are:

  • Aluminum pan ( like the ones for turkey roasting)
  • large sissors
  • metal ruler
  • the picture or drawing of the cutter
  • pencil 
What I did was cut the pan in strips and eliminate any rough edges and the round corners always being careful not to cut yourself.

and also eliminate the round edge at the top. Then after cutting the strip I flatten them, I folded it in half, leaving a small edge at the top and straighten them out really neatly like this:

If the strips aren't long enough for my cutter I just join them together by putting one into the other and then folding the top edge down and there they will be like pinched together and won't come apart. This is where my metal ruler comes in handy.  It helps me fold and bend the aluminum being careful not to cut my self. 

Perfect!!   And we are ready to design your cutter.

Here is where the art comes in and the paper and pencil too. Create your design and draw it on a paper. That is going to be your guide. Here I use my pencil to give it the roundness to the cutter, it's much easier! Keep bending, keep bending, use your pencil to helpppp. 

When you reach the ends all you do is insert one into the other like a small pocket and press firmly. And there you have it, your own cute elephant cookie cutter. 

Enjoy making these, they are soooo much fun to make and you can make almost any shape. If you have any questions just comment below and do not forget to visit my friend at http://sweetopia.net/, shes awesome!! Also visit us at facebook!!

Have Fun!!!
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  1. That cutter is awesome!! I totally want one :)

    1. Samantha you can make your own in minutes, I have lots of them in fb, where you may see them.

  2. Buenas tardes!

    Mi ingles no es tan bueno, por lo que pregunto... ¿cómo hago para unirlo cuando haga mi diseño?

    1. Lo que ella hizo fue juntar las dos tiritas de metal metiendo una dentro de la otra y luego doblando la parte de arriba de la orilla del molde.

  3. How big is the cookie cutter such as inches or cms